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Parco del Delta del Po dell'Emilia-Romagna is characterised by unique territorial and ecological features. It covers more than 52.000 hectares of an area which is considered among the most productive and rich in biodiversity: the Park has thus a respectable identity card.

Even if it is one of the most inhabited and economically developed Protected Areas in Italy, Parco del Delta del Po dell’Emilia-Romagna still preserves the largest expanse of protected wetlands. This is why it has supported and founded the International Association of Delta Parks: “Delta chiama Delta”.

Given its historical role of cultural and economic crossroads between West and East, the Po Delta preserves many important traces of its magnificent past. Within the Park, therefore, valuable natural elements coexist with great artistic and cultural beauties – which have been recognised also by Unesco.
Parco del Delta del Po is a very complex Protected Area, since it is at the same time a terrestrial Park, a fluvial Park, and a coastal Park. Its most typical natural element is undoubtedly water, but other easy lines of communication can be used to reach the Park.

The unstable relationship between water and land, their uncertain balance, gave birth in the Po Delta to a varied and changeable landscape in which woods, pinewoods, and flooded forests alternate with inner fresh or salt water wetlands. The biodiversity characterising the delta territory is extraordinary, above all for the presence of more than 280 bird species.
The most characteristic aspects of the Delta are dealt with in detail in the Park Visitor Centres and museums.







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