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The nature of the park


The “stations” of the park are characterized and differentiated by particular environmental and landscape features: “homogenous territorial areas”, according to the definition of the founding law. All areas are characterized by the presence of water, with different levels of salinity, water created wonderful natural evironments and led to the development of all human activities linked to fishing, agriculture, tradition, culture and art throughout the centuries.

The extraordinary presence of birds, with more than 300 species, among which nesting birds, wintering birds or migratory birds, together with some mammals, such as the “dune deer” of the Mesola wood, characterizes a precious faunaand all the “green” elements of the park, such as lowland woods or hygrophilous woods, pine forests and dunes are the flora of the Po delta.

The park includes extraordinary environmental, artistic and naturalistic evidence of what is around the Po Delta area, both of its history and of its current lively activity.


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