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The Po Delta Park fauna is surely one of the most precious elements of the protected area. More than 460 species of Vertebrates are known to live here.
The Po Delta Park birds are an extremely precious fauna heritage, with more than 300 species reported sighted in the last decades, and among them more than 150 of which nest here and more than 180 spend the winter here. This wealth of species makes the Park the most important Italian birding area and one of the most important in Europe.

This amazing diversity is due to the extremely high environmental complexity and variety of the Po Delta, which represents, for many species, a true stronghold of Italian or even European relevance, with presence of some species constituting indeed a rarity even at international level: such is the case of the Pygmy Cormorant, whose ONLY colony in all of Western Europe is here, the Lesser Crested Tern (the Park houses the ONLY nesting pairs of all Europe) and the Flamingo (one of the very few European colonies is here).

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Bird Monitoring Programme for Parco del Delta del Po dell'Emilia-Romagna 2004-2006


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