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There is no complete survey of the plant species found in the Po Delta Park. However, basing on the data collected over the years by the different Authors on the individual zones we are certain that at least 970 species exist in the area and it is possible to carry out an estimate that provides a suitable order of magnitude of the specific diversity available: a suitable estimate of the number of species is about 1,000 - 1,100 species.

Such a wealth of diversity is also due to the wide range of different environments in the Po Delta Park, from sands and dunes on the coast to brackish valleys, from marshes and freshwater wet meadows to hygrophile, mesophile and xerophile woods.

The park is also home to extremely specialised plants related to the beaches and the dunes (psammophiles) or to the wetlands (hydrophites) and their borders (helophites), both in the lagoons and brackish valleys (halophile plants) or the marshes and freshwater wet meadows .

Together with these species there are also adaptable species, found near the borders of the farmed lands and a large number of species that populate the woods: trees, bushes and underbrush and glades, found in the hygrophile, mesophile and xerophile woods.


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