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Natural Environments

The Po Delta Regional Park of Emilia Romagna covers areas that are considered some of the most productive areas and some of the richest in biodiversity. The park has the broadest extension of protected wetlands in Italy, areas of great ecological value.
It is a territory full of natural environments with hundreds of flora and fauna species. The high number of species is due to the different habitats, and adapted to the different chemical – physical conditions of the soil and to climate conditions.

The particular geo-morphology of the territory, which is not characterized by extremely noticeable features, except for the eye of an expert, enabled the settlement of  woods with deciduous plants and evergreen plants. Only a small trace is left of the ancient Eliceo Wood, mentioned in old manuscripts, on the ancient dunes of the Ferrara coast. In the Ravenna area the wood, which is more recent, consists of stone pines and maritime pines: the pine foress.

The Delta area landscape is characterized by the presence of valleys and wetland.

The salty valleys originated through the flooding of depressed territories by sea water or due to human intervention for production purposes (fishing, salt pans).

Within the boundaries of the park there is one of the few examples of freshwater wetland in continental Europe: the Valleys of Argenta and Marmorta, that were not subject to land reclamation thanks to their fundamental hydraulic function as “flood expansion fields”.


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