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Capre Valley


A small valley (99 ha) to the south of the Navigable Canal with which it communicates freely, Capre Valley was used in the past as a solid waste and rubble disposal site.  A good part of the swamp bottom is therefore composed of these materials.  Moreover, the valley suffers from scarce water turnover, which intensifies the problems tied to poor water quality that arise from the presence of waste in its depths. 



The open waters of Capre Valley are characterized by macrophyte communities dominated by green algae of the Ulvales order (Sint. Ulvetalia).  A pioneer annual halophyte community, of great natural value due to its domination by Salicornia veneta—a species native to the High Adriatic (Sint. Salicornietum venetae)—grows in the valley’s long-inundated silt soils.  Briny grasslands of soft rushes and poaceae (Sint. Juncetalia maritimi), in which the most common species are Juncus maritimus, Arthrocnemum fruticosum, Limonium serotinum, Halimione portulacoides and Elytrigia atherica, bloom along the edges and interspersed with the Salicornia veneta community.  Dense meadows dominated by Elytrigia atherica grow on the crests of shoals and artificial humps (Corticelli 1999).



Capre Valley does not host any particular form of fauna, save for very few pairs of Little Bitterns dependent upon the reed beds (Costa 1998).


To visit

The basin is not managed by anyone and is therefore freely accessible along its perimeters and along several internal ridges navigable by car.


Typology Lagoons and brackish valleys
Cartography CTR 1:25.000 – 205 SE
Extension 99 ha
Municipality Comacchio
Property Municipality of Comacchio
Management Delta del Po Park Emilia-Romagna



Landscaping restrictions pursuant to L. 1497 and the regulations set out by L. 431/1985.  Currently subject to the restrictions of D.L. 490/1999.

Ramsar Zone known as “Residual valleys of the Comacchio district” (13100 ha) instituted by D.M. 13/07/1981, published on the GU n. 203 of 25/07/1981.

Zone B of the “Comacchio Historical Center” station of the Delta del Po Park, pursuant to L.R. 27/1988, and within the limiting boundaries set out by the Station Territorial Plans.

Special Protection Zone (IT4060002) known as “Comacchio Valleys” (12745 ha) pursuant to DIR 79/409 EEC (12745 ha) and Site of Community Interest (IT4060002) pursuant to DIR 92/43/EEC (12745 ha).



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