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Molino Valley


Separated from the larger Comacchio Valleys complex by the reclamation of Isola Valley in 1933, Molino Valley is immediately west of Via Romea, near Porto Garibaldi.  Until 1996, the area’s environment was in critical condition; it received runoff from industrial and urban purification processes and eurotrophic waters from the reclaimed Guagnino bayou.  It also hosted a firing range in the past.

Molino Valley was the object of a 1996 environmental requalification project in 1996 that entailed dredging the valley bottom, building shoals, the improvement of hydraulic circulation with the excavation of sub-lagoonal canals, and the valley’s separation from the Guagnino and Navigable Canals using locks, which required the water to completely pass through.  The valley’s water is brackish:  it receives seawater from the Navigable Channel and freshwater from the Guagnino Canal reclamation. 



The most prevalent vegetation is submergent, dominated by algae (Sint. Ulvetalia) that are quite tolerant of polluted waters.  On inland humps and to the east, meadows of Puccinellia palustris (Sint. Limonio narbonesis- Puccinellietum festuciformis) grow alongside few other species, among which Aster tripolitum (high naturalistic value).  Dense grasslands dominated by Elytrigia atherica grow on the highest areas of humps.



The valley does not currently feature any faunistic priorities; the avifauna is rather scarce, and no prominent communities emerge.  Throughout the year, Molino Valley is occupied by opportunistic Laridae such as the Yellow-legged Gull and common gull; individual Cormorants, Coots and Mallards also frequently live here.  In addition to these species, individual Black-winged Stilts and Pied Avocets are present in summertime; the Eurasian Teal, in winter. 


To visit

Currently, one can only view the area from its perimeter embankments.  The road between Comacchio and Porto Garibaldi offers a good view.


Typology Lagoons and brackish valleys
Cartography  CTR 1:25.000 – 205 SE
Extension 60 ha
Municipality Comacchio
Property Municipality of Comacchio
Management Delta del Po Park, Emilia-Romagna



Landscaping restrictions pursuant to L. 1497/39 (the map of the Park’s Territorial Plan does not include the site in the 1497 area) and to the restrictions set out by L. 431/1985.  It is currently subject to the restrictions of D.L. 490/1999 (Art. 146, paragraph f).

Ramsar Zone known as “Residual valleys of the Comacchio district” instituted by D.M. 13/07/1981, published on the GU n. 203 of 25/07/1981.

Zone B of the station known as “Comacchio Historical Center” the Delta del Po Park, pursuant to L.R. 27/1988, and within the limiting boundaries as set out by the Station Territorial Plan.

Special Protection Zone (IT4060002) known as “Comacchio Valleys” (12745 ha) pursuant to DIR 79/409 EEC (12745 ha) and Site of Community Interest (IT4060002) pursuant to DIR 92/43/EEC (12745 ha).



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