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Dindona Valley

Dindona Valley is an oxbow floodplain of the Po di Goro



Several small islands with freshwater forest vegetation lie along the final segment of the Po di Goro.  Among the most interesting is the Dindona, a small oxbow island of 55 hectares between Goro and Gorino, formed when the river course abandoned the channel. 



The helophyte vegetation (Phragmitetalia) is characteristic of freshwater environments, with Typha angustifolia, Phragmites angustifolia, Phragmites australis and Cladium mariscus populations.  Salvinia natans, Sagittaria sagittifolia and Leucojum aestivum number among the traditional species.  Slender layers of Nymphaea alba and Trapa natans grow in some points.  On the strip of land emerging near the center of the river, there is an interesting riparian forest (characteristic of riverbeds and other regularly flooded areas) with white willow (Salix alba), as well as white poplar (Populus alba), grey poplar (Populus canescens) and field elm (Ulmus minor).  In addition to the cited species, the shrub layer is characterized by Cornus sanguinea, Frangola alnus, and frequently by the liana species Clematis viticella and Humulus lupulusMedium naturalistic value (Corticelli 1999, Mantovani and Pelleri 1991, Pellizzari and Pagnoni 1998).



The Little Egret, Great Egret (1 couple in 1997) and Grey Heron (1 couple in 1997) nest here.  The branch of the Po di Goro and segment of the Po River that fall within the Station are very important for the resurgence of different anadromous species: the sea lamprey, Adriatic sturgeon, European sea sturgeon, beluga and twait shad in particular.  In addition, the area is important for the abundance of Rutilus aula and Alburnus alborella, quite rare elsewhere (Costa 1998).



Typology Floodplains and oxbows
Cartography  CTR 1:25:000 – 187SE
Extension 54 ha
Municipality Goro
Property Province of Ferrara
Management Province of Ferrara



Fauna protection oasis known as “Dindona Valley,” instituted on 7/7/1992.

The site is included within the boundaries of the Delta Park, pursuant to L.R. 27/1988 and to the Volano-Mesola-Goro Station Plans of 1991 and 1997 (Zonga B.FLU).  As a part of the park, it is subject to the regulations described by D.L. 490/1999 (art. 146, paragraph f).

Special Protection Zone (IT4060016) pursuant to DIR 79/409 EEC (4127 ha), included in the Site of Community Interest (IT4060005) identified by DIR 92/43/CEE (4387 ha), known as “Sacca di Goro, Dindona Valley, Po di Volano Estuary.”



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