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The Panfilia wood


The environment
The Panfilia wood is often called Panfilia pine forest, because of the presence of stone pines (Pinus pinea) that were planted there and that are the same age as the Mesola pine forests. It stretches along the Bianco Canal south east from Torre Abate, near the Alberazzo built-up area. It lies on a series of paleodunes that are still clearly visible in the morphology of the soil (Mantovani and Pelleri 1991).

The flora
The most important part of the wood from a naturalistic point of view is the northern –eastern part, whose communities consist of thermophilic evergreen plants, mainly holm oak (Quercus ilex) and English oak (Quercus robur) and mesophilic species (butcher’s broom, hawthorn, juniper). The remaining part of the wood is characterized by forests of adult conifers of low naturalistic value, namely Pinus pinaster and Pinus pinea. In some particularly depressed areas there are hydrophilic stands with white poplars (Populus alba) (Corticelli 1999, Mantovani and Pelleri 1991, Pagnoni 1998, Pellizzari and Pagnoni 1998).

The fauna
A very important species is the Hermann’s tortoise (Testudo hermanni), with an isolated population remaining (Costa 1998).

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Pine forests


CTR 1:25.000 - 187SE


15.39.90 ha



Owned by

Emilia Romagna Region


Emilia Romagna Region



Area of outstanding natural beauty according to Law 1497/1939 and environmental restriction according to Law 431/1985 (abrogated by the decree-law 490/1999 that is currently in force).

In the identified territory only the Panfilia pine forest is subject to a hydrogeological restriction according to the Royal Decree 3267 of 30/01/1923.

The Panfilia pine forest is included in the Santa Giustina wildlife sanctuary (203 ha), established by the Provincial Council no. 304/10021 of August 1, 1979.

The site lies within the boundaries of the Delta park, according to the Regional Law 27/1988 and to the plans of the Volano – Mesola – Goro station of 1991 (area B) and 1997 (Area C.AGR.B3).

Site of community importance (IT4060006) called “Mesola wood, Panfilia wood, Santa Giustina wood”, according to the directive 92/43/EEC (1236 ha).



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