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The Spada Wood


The environment

The Spada Wood is the remaining part of a thermophilic brushwood with holm oaks, typical of the delta coastal area, which lied in an area of paleodunes called Celletta. At present Celletta is an area of land which partly consists of woods and partly of sand dunes, lying near the Pomposa Abbey, West from the Romea main road, North from the former ENAOLI and stretching towards South-North, reaching the Caprile built-up area. Until the land reclamation works carried out by the Po Delta Authority in the Fifties, the whole area called Celletta consisted of woodland and was, like the Boscone area, a remaining part of the big Eliceo wood.

Of the 9 ha of wood that the Emilia Romagna Region bought from Mr. Natale Scalambra in 1987, more than 1 ha consisted of adult wood and the remaining part, which was agricultural land, was subject to forestation interventions carried out by the Province of Ferrara. 

The flora

The wood is characterized by a group of Quercus robur and Carpinus betulus, in other words thermophilic woods with prevalence of English oaks (Quercus robur), European and oriental hornbeams (Carpinus betulus and C. orientalis) and holm oaks (Quercus ilex), together with thermophilic and mesophilic species. Medium-level naturalistic value.

There are also conifers (Pinus spp.) and broad-leaved trees of low naturalistic value that were planted during previous reforestation interventions. In the small internal lakes there is a halophytic vegetation that is typical for freshwater (Phragmitetalia), (Corticelli 1999, Matovani and Pelleri 1991).

The fauna
There are no priority situations, the small internal lakes are the refuge of some birds, among which ducks, herons and tub gurnards.

Open to the public.




CTR 1:25.000 - 187SW


9.54.00 ha the Bosco Spada area, 20.68.15 ha the “Celletta” area



Owned by

Emilia Romagna Region


ARF and Province of Ferrara



The wood is near the sites called “Areas of the Abbey of Santa Maria di Pomposa” and “Abbey of Santa Maria di Pomposa” as defined by the Law 1089/1939.

“Bosco Spada” nature reserve.

Environmental restriction according to Law 431/1985, regulations abrogated by the decree-law 490/1999 that is currently in force.

The site partly lies within the boundaries of the Delta Park, according to the Regional Law 27/1988 and to the plans of the Volano – Mesola – Goro station: Area B of 1991 and later classification as B.FOR Area in 1997.



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