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For those who have special needs

The Delta Park has a complex territory. The main tract is on waters: river, sea, valley or salted basins. Because of its peculiar geomorphology the Park is, probably more than other sites, accessible also to those who have special needs. What might seem a limit, is indeed what enables us to have different and further "perspectives" which make this a truly new way of "reading" nature.
Here below a list of all the accessible facilities and possible activities available at the different stations of the Po Delta Park:


Museo del Bosco e del Cervo - Castello di Mesola (Mesola Ferrara)

The Centre addresses all the visitors of the Park, with special attention to students of all schools and grades; it can be the departure point for the visit to all Park stations.
At the centre the facility has a multiple space of aggregation, and a didactic-naturalistic lab available to all classes to carry out practical activities.
(The centre is on the second floor - it is accessible through an elevator)
Info: + 39 339 1935943


Gran Bosco della Mesola Natural Reserve ( Mesola - Ferrara)

Inside the woodland, a green lung of nearly one thousand hectares, there is an itinerary equipped for sight-impaired people: with the help of a tactile guide and special table it is possible to explore and perceive the atmosphere of the environment through all the senses and intercept the noises, smells and "voices" of the woodland.
Information: Corpo Forestale dello Stato, tel. 0544 437379
The woodland can be visited also by electric bus
Guided excursions inside the Natural Reserve: Park Information Centre + 39 346 8015015


Palazzina IAT - Pomposa Abbey (Codigoro - Ferrara)

The two-storey building hosts the information point of the North area on the ground floor: tje “Volano-Mesola-Goro” station. Upstairs - stair lift available - you can admire the painting and photographs exhibitions.
Info: tel. + 39 0533 719110


Valle Canneviè – Porticino (Volano - Ferrara)

The itinerary inside the valley offers easy-accessible sheds for birdwatching.
Infos: Hotel Canneviè tel. + 39 0533 719103


Museo del Territorio di Ostellato (Ostellato – Ferrara)

Accessibility: facilities equipped to host people with disabilities.
Tel/Fax + 39 0533 681368


Vallette di Ostellato (Ostellato – Ferrara)

The vallette di Ostellato, surrounding the Park, present some accessible itineraries.
Info: tel. + 39 0533 680376


The Pickling Factory - Slow Food Presidia and Traditional Pickle Eel of the Comacchio Valley (Comacchio – Ferrara)

To overcome the architectural barriers, access is made easier through slides, carpets and lifts suitable for all kinds of physical impairment.
Tel/Fax + 39 0533 81742


Valli di Comacchio (Comacchio – Ferrara)

At the “Foce” station, three kilometres from Comacchio, there starts the boat itinerary to visit the evocative environments of the valley. Infos: Park Information Centre + 39 346 8015015


Museum of the Roman Ship – (Comacchio – Ferrara)

The museum hosts the precious Roman vessel found in 1981 near Comacchio. Stair lifts available.
Info: tel. + 39 0533 311316


Argenta Valleys Museum (Argenta – Ferrara)

Set in the Casino di Campotto (Argenta) the museum offers a didactic itinerary on the ground floor to discover the environmental sites and their peculiar characteristics. Upstairs (stair lift available) there is a room to listen to the "concert of the valley".
Tel. + 39 0532 808058


Traversante Woodland - Argenta Valley (Argenta – Ferrara)

Between the Casse Campotto and Valle Santa there is a stretch of hygrophile woodland of 150 hectares approximately, which is a residue of the lowland forest. The woodland currently presents a relatively young vegetation. There is an easily-accessible tactile itinerary for sight-impaired persons within the woods. Following the tactile guide with the help of illustrative panels, the Delta Nature unveils itself to those who are willing to discover it.
Infos: Museo delle Valli di Argenta tel. + 39 0532 808058


Ecomuseum of the Drainage (Lagosanto - Ferrara)

Accessibility: Pumping plant accessible to people with disabilities, through a slide for
wheel chairs.
Infos: Tel. + 39 0533 993176


Palazzone di S. Alberto (S. Alberto - Ravenna)

Visitor Centre of the “San Vitale Pinewood and Piallasse di Ravenna” station. Documentary and art exhibitions, and also expositions dealing with environment, culture and nature, are regularly organised inside the Palazzone. On the second floor there is the Ornithological Museum of Ravenna.
Info: tel. + 39 0544 528710


San Vitale Pinewood (Ravenna)

From a big central grass inside the Pinewood  several pathways untie, with different levels of accessibility.
Infos: Tourist Information Office of Ravenna Tel. +39 0544 35404


Marina di Ravenna Pinewood (Ravenna) The Pinewood with your eyes closed

A new naturalistic itinerary.....with your eyes closed in the Marina di Ravenna Pinewood (Ravenna): a tactile guide follows a circular pathway of three hundred metres with explicative tables.
Infos: Tourist Information Office of Ravenna Tel. + 39 0544 35404


Cubo Magico Bevanella (Savio – Ravenna )

Accessibility: the site is equipped with facilities which make it accessible to people with different kind of disabilities.
Tel. 0544 995671 Fax + 39 0544 998308


Cervia Salt Pans Visitor Centre (Cervia – Ravenna)

The welcoming centre is next to the salt pans. Through a small bridge you can follow the pathway along the perimeter of the salted basin. Sun-shaders with opening and a shed especially equipped allow doing some birdwatching.
Infos: Tel. + 39 0544 973040 - 993435


The Salt Museum (Cervia – Ravenna)

The storehouses, on one floor only, are easily accessible. Inside there is a permanent exhibition on the salt community.
Infos: Tel. + 39 0544 977592


Ecomuseum of Marsh Herbs (Villanova di Bagnacavallo - Ravenna)

Via Ungaretti, 1 - Tel. + 39 0545 47122 - 47777 - 320 3853409 Fax + 39 0545 47122  
Accessibility: work in progress.


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