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Itineraries and birdwatching
The Po Delta is the most important Italian ornithological area, and one of the most relevant in Europe. A priceless heritage, with its over 310 reported species -a number in constant evolution, with new species being reported- of which 135 are nesting and over 150 are winter birds. Such an extraordinary biodiversity of species is to be attributed to the significant environmental complexity originated by the encounter between the waters of the Adriatic Sea and those of the Po river and of the torrents from the Apennines, where most species seek shelter, food and shed ideal for nesting. The Delta Po Park is the vastest Italian extension of protected wetlands: a surface of 54,000 hectares to protect a system of marshlands, lagoons and woodlands which represent a treasure for their biodiversity and are the ideal habitat for the bird fauna.
Here you can find all the proposed birdwatching itineraries in the park to observe the rarest and most beautiful protected species, through the several hidden look-outs and spotting towers in strategic points for observation.



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