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Strokes of history and nature
From the centre of Argenta, after a visit to the Civic Museum, you can continue for one kilometre and go to the valuable Pieve di San Giorgio. However, in order to better understand this area, you cannot miss a visit to the Museum of the Drainage, a little bit up north. Coming down towards south, you can stop for birdwatching at the shed on the Cassa Campotto bank. Following on, you will reach the Argenta Valleys Museum.

Water, sky and bikes
From the old Pieve di S. Giorgio to the Casino di Campotto and to the Argenta Valley Museum, the preferred bike itinerary borders the Cassa Bassarone and the Cassa di espansione of Campotto: a 6-kilometre path which covers the whole valley full of water-lillies, reed beds and bulrushes.
The Valleys Museum is the departure point for a 10-km guided tour by ecobus along a wonderful scenic itinerary.

All the shades of green
Park in the car park next to Vallesanta (where there is bike rental service). On Thursdays, holidays and days before a holiday you can go along the entire perimeter of the valley (nearly 9 km) by bike and admire the characteristic wet meadow all around. During the week the bike itinerary only covers 5 kilometres.

The Ecomuseum of the Argenta Valleys tel. + 39 0532 808058
Museo della Bonifica tel. + 39 0532 808058
IAT Argenta -  tel. +39 0532 330276

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