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The Vallette of Ostellato
The Vallette (small valleys) of Ostellato are a 15-km long system of woodlands and fresh water marshlands between two drainage channels. This itinerary starts from the Villaggio Natura and it continues for approximately 4,5 kilometres. It is practicable on foot, by bike, with electrical means of transport or by car; at the end of the path you can continue the itinerary, only on foot, among a brush of blackthorns elders and tamarsks, towards the Zagno lake. In this part, which is the best preserved and protected, there are some observing points for birdwatching, consisting of sun shading and sheds. 

One of the main observing points is close to the white storks aviary, another point faces on a chiaro (small body of water) of the marshland, from which it is possible to watch penduline tits, great crested grebes and grey herons nest. The Vallette are a good location for birdwatching all yearlong; they host all the species of European herons and numerous species of ducks and waders, including many black-winged stilts and white storks.

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