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Walking on the bridges

From the monumental Trepponti bridge you get to the Ponte degli Sbirri and walking along the channel of Via Agatopisto you cross the San Pietro bridge; crossing over to the other side of the river through a small bridge in bricks (Ponte Pizzetti) – and taking the first turn on the left – you then follow the course of the channel of via Buonafede and arrive behind the old Hospital (the street on the right takes to via Agatopisto). If you continue on via E. Fogli, following the course of the waters, you pass by the  bridge in Via Cavour. Then crossing two other bridges in via Carducci, in the Rione Carmine, you will walk along via del Rosario which then becomes via Muratori; you are now back to the Trepponti bridge.


The "history" of tradition

From the Sanctuary of S.M. in Aula Regia, after a visit to the Piclking Factory (Park Visitor Centre), you walk under the porticato dei Cappuccini and get to the centre of the town: here you have the San Cassiano Cathedral and the imposing Bell Tower. Continuing towards P.tta U. Bassi and taking via Cavour on the left you access the Sacrario dei Caduti; bordering the channel – at the end on the right – you enter the rione Carmine, where you can admire the homonimous church dedicated to the Vergin Mary. If you go up the bridge opposite the church, you can clearly see a glimpse of the Chiesa del Rosario – in via Sambertolo. Crossing Piazza Folegatti and then walking along via E. Fogli, you get to the small Chiesa di San Pietro attached to the old 17th-century San Camillo Hospital, which now hosts the Museum of Human Culture in the Po Delta.


Sailing on the waters

This floating town can also be visited by boat. There are a number of associations of volunteers which offer a free transport service on the typical "batane" boats. The tours depart from several locations in the shadow of the Trepponti bridge. This is the departure point for several suggestive itineraries through which it is possible to admire the old San Camillo Hospital (future Museum of Human Cultures of the Po Delta), the Palazzo Bellini opposite the hospital and the Museum of the Roman Ship beside. 



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Museum of the Roman Ship of Comacchio tel. + 39 0533 311316      


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