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Between Classe Pinewood and Ortazzo

The approximately 6-kilometre itinerary starts from the car park near the ponte delle Botole, at the end of via Fosso Ghiaia, at the intersection with the SS 16 Adriatica stateway. It goes along the southern end of the ancient Classe Pinewood, up to the banks of the brackish pond of ORtazzo, equipped with a shed and tower from which you can observe ducks, herons, including the rare bittern, rails and waders, between the reed beds and on the background of the pinewood slipping into the wetland.
Continuing northwards you cross the Fosso Ghiaia channel on a small bridge and you can go back westward towards the car park, or you can turn east towards the sea to get, after a further 3 kilometres in the flood plain of Fosso Ghiaia, to the wild mouth of the Bevano torrent -the only intact natural mouth of the Adriatic sea- with marsh meanders between the dunes and 5 kilometers of natural beach where oystercatchers, kentish plovers and little terns nest.

Cervia Saltpans

The saltpans itinerary starts from the Park Visitor Centre, in via Bova, at the intersection with the SS 16 Adriatica stateway. This is the departure point to access a series of sun-shaded walkways, a shed and a tower equipped for birdwatching.
The large saltpans, probably of Etruscan or Roman origins, comprises several bodies of very shallow water with different salt concentration and slimy blankets over the salt surface, separated by a system of small low banks with halophile vegetation.
It hosts very important colonies of mediterranean gulls, black-headed gulls, bull-billed terns, little terns, common terns, avocets and black-winged stilts. Thousands of water birds, including flocks of flamingos, widgeons, teals, curlew sandpipers and dunlins stop here during their migration and in winter.
On the banks and hillocks opposite the sun-shaded path small colonies of avocets, black-winged stilts, little terns and common terns nest and all throughout the year hundreds of birds, including the wonderful flamingos, come and stop.

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