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Within the heart of the Pinewood
Go along the SS 16 Adriatica road. In Fosso Ghiaia you will find the entrance to the Classe Pinewood from where you can get to Parco 1° Maggio, which is the real heart of the Pinewood. Suggestive itineraries depart from here, on foot, by bike and by horse. Penetrating eastward into the Pinewood you will reach the coast pinewood and the coast dunes; if you proceed southwards you will get to the Ortazzo and Ortazzino wetlands, where you can admire little egrets, coots, terns and black-winged stilts. The itineraries are accessible both from south (Cervia – Milano Marittima – Lido di Savio – Lido di Classe) and north (Lido di Dante) and also from Ravenna via the banks of the Fiumi Uniti.

Historically green
The centuries-old Cervia Pinewood offers many visit tours by bike, on food or even jogging paths, following the "life itinerary" which unties between the pines: the main entrance is in Milano Marittima. The “ways of the pinewood” depart in every direction: South towards Cervia and in the opposite direction - North - towards Lido di Savio. If you go westward you will find an ideal place for the health of the body: the spa. Not far away: the absolutely quiet oasis of the Cervia Natural Park, where you can admire deer, fallow deer and ducks of all species.

The Saltway
The thousands-year-old Cervia Saltpans are, today, and extraordinary combination of man work and nature. They are easily accessible via the SS 16 Adriatica road.
The Saltpans are carefully protected and they host thousands of birds including, flamingos, avocets and mediterranean gulls. You can admire the saltpans by car or by bike along the road from Cervia to Forlì. Some parts of the salt basin are also accessible on foot. For visits inside the Saltpans please contact the Corpo Forestale dello Stato (tel. + 39 0544 980193) or the Park Visitor Centre at the Saltpans (tel. + 39 0544 973040).

Cervia Saltpans Visitor Centre tel. + 39 0544 973040
IAT Cervia-Milano Marittima tel. + 39 0544 993435
MUSA Salt Museum tel./fax + 39 0544 977592 - cell. + 39 338 9507741

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