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From the Valley to the Natural Reserve
From the SS Romea road, going westward, just south of the Reno river, you can reach the town centres of Mandriole and S.Alberto. Here, continuing on the bank of the Reno river, once called Po di Primaro, you can get on a small ferry boat (bike and canoe rental available) to travel to the opposite side of the river, close to the Furlana valley in the south end of the Comacchio valleys: a protected oasis where herons, little egrets, shelducks and spoonbills nest and live. Towards east, you can admire the Boscoforte pensinsula and visit the Comacchio valleys with an over-10-kilometre itinerary. If oyu go in the opposite direction, westward, the bank borders vast valleys; if you continue towards the inland you cannot miss visiting the Alfonsine Natural Reserve: a habitat full of ponds and thickets.

The reflexes of the pinewood
From the SS Romea road, turning for in via Fossatone you enter the centuries-old S.Vitale Pinewood until you will reach a vast clearing where the Cà Vecchia stands, which is now the Environmental Education Centre of the Park (0544 446866). An itinerary unties from here, accessible on foot or by bike, which takes to the characteristic small church of Madonna del Pino, crossing the small bridges on the Canale Fossatone, through the lower plains where you can admire herons, coots and ducks and eventually discover the Pialassa della Baiona, a brackish lagoon rich in fish and bird fauna (accessible through a long bank). The Baiona Valley is accessible also via Via delle Valli (area Prato Barenicolo) and from Porto Corsini and Marina Romea.

In between green oasis
From the SS Romea road you can easily access the alluvial forest of Punte Alberete by the Canale Fossatone. From the large car park opposite the stateway, the tour goes inside the Oasis (preferably with a guide of the ARCA association- tel. + 39 0544 465019). It is a 2-hour tour across easy-accessible observation sites and it is easy to admire herons, pygmy cormorants, squacco herons and ferruginous ducks. Just up north of Punte Alberete there is a lookup tower from where you will have an excellent view on the Mandriole Valley: a paradise for natural photographs and birdwatching lovers, where all the species of European herons nest.

Palazzone S. Alberto Visitor Centre tel. + 39 0544 528710
Casa Monti - Alfonsine Information point tel. +39 0544 869808
IAT Ravenna tel. + 39 0544 35404

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