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On the wings of the black-winged stilt
Starting from Comacchio, towards Ostellato, you go along the provincial road and then turn right at the bridge to the drained areas; follow the signs for Anita (Valle Zavelea is woth a stop) you reach the charming Agosta Bank which borders the Comacchio Valleys. Just before you get to Anita follow the road on the left towards the southern end of the Valleys.
Ostellato Valleys. Following the provincial road to Ostellato which borders the navigation channel, you can easily arrive to the Ostellato Valleys (tel. 0533 680376 ): a particularly fascinating oasis with many tour possibilities.

The reflexes of the valley
The itinerary through the southern end of the Valleys starts just before Anita. Travel towards the mouth of the Reno, on foot or by bike, and continue along the bank of the river: this area is a bird's paradise: flamingos, herons, avocets, slender-billed and Mediterranean gulls.
This very suggestive landscape offers corners of naturalistic interest with glimpses of water and sky and patches between the valleys and the river.

In the eel's world
You can access the eel's world on foot, by bike or by boat. Nature, environment and history are braided together with the fishing traditions: this is what becomes apparent after visiting the “Casoni di Valle” – Serilla, Coccalino, Pegoraro - brought back to the ancient original architecture. At the beginning of the itinerary, at the Stazione Foce, there is an information point from where boat visits to the Comacchio valleys depart.

For information - reservations:
Period: April-November 2005
Day trips: 9-11 am and 3-5 pm
Reservations: 340 2534267
Reservations service: 08.30 am / 12 pm - 2.30 / 5.30 pm
Fax: + 39 0533 380646

IAT Comacchio tel. + 39 0533 315154

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