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On the Po di Goro river bank

The itinerary along the Po di Goro bank, approximately 25 kilometres long, starts from the Visitor Centre of the Mesola Castle and, past the Sacca di Goro, arrives at the Lanterna Vecchia (the old lantern), in Valle Gorino. The first tract follows the Po river for a long while, between riverbank woodlands and flood plains on one side and cropped fields, poplar plantations and patches of thermophile woods on  the other side and hobbies circling above. Near Goro, the flood plain broadens into a beautiful lagoon, Valle Dindona, with a wood-swamp home to night herons, little egrets, squacco herons and cattle egrets. Immediately past the lagoon, the view widens on the flat landscape of the Sacca, a large branch of sea enclosed in a long strip of sand reaching into the Adriatic Sea. Thousands of birds stop here during the winter, and in spring you can catch sight of all the gulls and terns species which nest in the Delta. The itinerary ends at the old lighthouse, overseeing the vast reed beds of Valle Gorino, having origin in the fresh waters of the mouth of the Po river; here marsh harriers and purple herons nest, and they can easily be spotted in flight or on the side of the reed beds; flocks of waders and ducks stop in the chiari fangosi (small muddy bodies of water).

Valle Porticino-Canneviè and Valli Bertuzzi
The path within Valle Porticino – Canneviè is very well equipped with  sun shading and sheds for birdwatching; the path is accessible via the Casone di Porticino or via the Casone di Canneviè. 

The salty valley, rich in halophiles vegetation, hosts numerous bird species, waders, black-winged stilts in particular, ducks and hundreds of coots. The visit to the station can continue by bike along the Acciaioli road, bordering the eastern bank of the marvellous Valli Bertuzzi, which is the Delta best-preserved lagoon. 

Large communities of gulls and terns come to nest on the numerous hillocks covered in hillocks. The birds can be seen from the road, on the way towards the Adriatic sea and the fields separating the Valleys from the coast -and which form the main habitat where different species come to eat. From the road it is also possible to sight huge flocks of flamingos resting in the calm waters of the valley, together with great white herons, grey herons, little egrets and cormorants.


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