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A walk with the Duke

The itinerary starts from the centre of Mesola, after a visit to the Castle, and follows on towards the 17th-century Torre dell'Abate (Monk Tower) and the Bosco della Fasanara nearby. Walking along the Mesola Woodland, heading towards the sea, you then reach the 18th-century Torre Palù. The tour continues in the direction of the lagoon and ends at the centre of Goro.


Green's reflex

This bike itinerary follows the river bend: the tour starts from Mesola and ends in Goro, following the river bank southwards with the Mesola lowland forest on one side and the Po river on the other. When you get to the mouth of the Po river, near Gorino, it is possible to reach, on foot or by bike, suggestive spots in between strips of land slipping into the lagoon.


The flight of flamingos

If you take the Giralda road behind the Pomposa Abbey, just for a short tract, you can reach the road to Volano. Passing through the Canneviè – Porticino valleys and from the centre of Volano, the enchanging landscape of the Bertuzzi, Cantone and Nuova valleys opens up to your eyes.

In this area, from April to October, you can see  very large colony of flamingos which have lived here for a number of years now. Through the Acciaioli coast road - southwards - you can reach the welcoming Comacchio coast.



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