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Park Visitor Centres and Local Museums
In the park there are several visitor centres: these are the main reference points to visit the Park Stations where teaching and recreational activities are organised and where you can find information on the environmental characteristics of the natural reserve and on the activities and excursions offered by the Park. The "Network of Visitor Centres of the Park" (Investment Plan of the Emilia Romagna Region for 2009/2011 code PAP09DEPO03) is a project which sees the participation of the following museums: The Woods and Deer Museum of Mesola - Museo del Bosco e del Cervo di Mesola (Ferrara - Fe); the pickling factory of Comacchio - Manifattura dei Marinati di Comacchio (Fe); the Ecomuseum of Argenta -Ecomuseo di Argenta (Fe); S. Alberto Big Palace - Palazzone di S.Alberto (Ravenna - RA); and the Cervia Salt Pans - Saline di Cervia (Ra).
Among the new centres and local museums there are: the Magic Cube la Bevanella - Cubo Magico la Bevanella (Ra); the Museum of the local territory of Ostellato -Museo del Territorio di Ostellato (Fe); the Ecomuseum of the Drainage of Lagosanto -Ecomuseo della Bonifica di Lagosanto (Fe); the Ecomuseum of Marsh Herbs of Bagnacavallo -Ecomuseo delle Erbe Palustri di Bagnacavallo


Cervia Salt Pans Visitor Centre 




The Visitor Center is the departure point for guided visits to Cervia Saltpans. A knowledge path unties within the centre to enable visitors to get into the historical and economic aspects involved in salt production and to also examine the natural aspects which characterise the environment of the Salt Pans. A new room dedicated to birdwatching is under construction and will be completed over the next months. The room will be equipped with specialised equipment and a full-length window for visitors to observe bird fauna also during the winter or with adverse weather conditions.....

Via Bova, 61 - 48015 Cervia (RA)
Tel. + 39 0544/973040 - Fax + 39 0544/974548


The Ecomuseum of the Argenta Valleys




The centre has an area dedicated to the Emilia-Romagna Po Delta Park, an historical and anthropological section and a naturalistic section. Park Area: all the stations of the Park are described with pictures and information panels. Historical and anthropological section: on the ground floor the section shows how the territory and people's life in this area have changed. Naturalistic section: on the first floor there is an itinerary through the four natural environments of the Campotto Oasis - the hygrophile woodlands, the wetland fields, the reed bed and lamineto. A multisensory video, with impressions, images and special effects which plunge the visitor into a virtual tour....

Via Cardinala, 1/c - 44011 Campotto di Argenta (FE)
Tel. + 39 0532/808058 - Fax + 39 0532/808001


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