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Museum of Land Reclamation


Salarino Pumping Station
Strada Saiarino
44011 Argenta (FE)

The museum is hosted inside the functioning Salarino pumping station. It is a fascinating and unique example of industrial archaeology and of a functioning site at the same time.
The pumping station was built at the beginning of last century to ensure safety of the water system to the territories on the right bank of the Reno; the museum presents the overall drainage system, the plants and how they operate.
The itinerary covers 1300 metres through machines and historical plants intertwine with the human resources and technical organisation of the Consorzio della Bonifica Renana (the Consortium for the drainage of the Reno) which owns the station.

Opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday
Only guided tours from 9 to 11 am
Open in the afternoon for groups only upon reservation.
Closed on Monday, the first week of January, the second and third week of August and the last week of December


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