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The traditional marinated eel of the Comacchio Valleys

Marinated eels are traditionally prepared in four main phases: cutting, spitting, cooking and packaging. "Cutting" indicated the operation of decapitating and cutting the eel into pieces and incising it to ease spitting. The second phase consists of impaling the eels -entire or in morelli (pieces)- on a long iron spit . Cooking is the most important phase of the whole production: the art of managing the fire and the spit affects the entire process. Packaging consists of weighing and pickling the cooked eels in vinegar, salt and water.
Thanks to this processing method eels keep all their flavour characteristics intact for several months.
The Emilia Romagna region's Po Delta Park has completed the restoration of the ancient Fire Room of the Pickling Factory, with the collaboration of the Municipality of Comacchio. The Park now oversees the eel pickling process with the most authentic traditional method, guaranteed by the production specifications of the Slow Food Presidia.
The product, once drained, is ready for use and can be served at cocktails and as an appetizer. It is excellent tasted with sand or red sparkling wines with good acidity.


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